Phoenix Virtual Admin has prices and packages available for both ad-hoc support and regular assistance to help you and your business.

Retainer Service

Some clients prefer a retainer service as it allows them to budget accurately for our services.  It also gives them the peace of mind that they don’t have to worry about finding extra money for extra hours or concerned about how many hours they have got left on the clock for that month’s work. 

​Our USPs and the unique benefits for the Client using the retainer service

  • No hidden charges (eg, telephone calls, printing)

  • No limit on the number of hours per month

  • No limit on the amount of work we will do per month

  • Sign up for a set amount of time (from 6 months to 5 years the choice is yours)

  • This service also includes email support/updates and a quarterly ‘catch up’ telephone/meeting

  • Contract can be terminated with 2 weeks’ notice


Ad-Hoc Support 

An ideal option if you are unsure of the number of hours support you require or if you have a small number of tasks that need completing.

  • Time tracking software is use to accurately record time on work.

  • Time spent completing tasks is rounded up or down to the nearest 15 minutes.

  • Invoices are issued when work is complete.

​Special Projects

The definitive option if you have a special project that needs to be done.  Once we understand your exact requirements we will send you a breakdown of the task with an all-inclusive cost. Sign the agreement and the work will begin and be completed within the agreed time frame

We are able to work flexible hours from our own offices, we are also willing to attend face to face meetings or work on site if required.

We are able to tailor what we offer to you to suit your business needs.

Lack of time is frustrating and exhausting especially if you want your business to grow and are spending what time you have on business admin.

NEW SERVICE - Organising & Decluttering

This new service is either on a day rate or job rate. Weekend options are also available. An onsite meeting would be needed to fully understand your exact requirements - we will then send you a breakdown of the task and number of days(s) required with cost. Sign the agreement and the work will begin on the pre-agreed dates and be completed within the agreed time frame

Streamlining, organising and decluttering will help with improving stress and save you time and money.

Phoenix Virtual Admin could be the solution to this problem!

We will come and meet with you and help you decide what support would benefit you and your business

Contact us to discuss your admin requirements - we are here to help!